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Only low prices. Noting more to say.

We showed the reason for St1s low prices - by having literally nothing else. 

When gas prices skyrocketed and left car owners in financial despair, we decided to turn our biggest flaw into our biggest strength. With humor and honesty the films turned the lack of services into a great benefit. In Sweden, there are many gas stations to choose from when on the road. Besides gas, basically every Swede expects to be able to buy coffee, snacks and food at these stations, to such a degree that the marketing campaigns of the competitors often focus heavily on promoting these services. St1, meanwhile, is an unmanned gas station, carrying none of these extra services. Instead of excusing this shortcoming, we've made it into the brand's most unique selling point.

Sound Driving 

When you drive to fast, your music plays to fast. 

The worlds first music player that saves fuel, money and lessens your impact on the enviroment. Speeding violations cost Swedish drivers €250 million in extra fuel consumption, emits 300.000 tons of CO2 and can lead to hundreds of deaths every year. With an economy and environment in crisis, St1 Sweden wanted to remind drivers about the importance of keeping the speed limit. We created Sound Driving - an online music service that plays your music to fast if you drive to fast. How does it work? Sound Driving uses your phones GPS to analyzed your speed in relation to the speed limit on the road. If you’re driving too fast, the music speeds up. Built as choice architecture for a gentle reminder to slow down. Results: - 65 newsrooms wrote about Sound Driving. - 83% of Swedes, aged 18-84, were reached by the initiative. - +586% compared to target range. - 24 000 000 in total reach. - 16 countries wrote about sound driving. Most importantly, St1 reminded people to use their fuel responsibly.


Hundreds of products in hundreds of a second, the epic launch of a new brand. 

Lidl was launching the new brand Matriket - their biggest product launch ever with hundreds of new groceries from Swedish farms. Combined with that, the media landscape places increasingly high demands on the shortest formats. We were tasked with introducing Matriket in a spectacular way in the shortest format possible. To achieve this, we chose to reverse the usual campaign structure and let a spectacular 6-second film become our hero. Everything was built by hand, everything was recorded in real time. A film that had to reflect the craftsmanship behind Matriket's groceries. All longer formats are slow motion versions of the hero film. In the slower versions you get time and the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the wide range and get closer to the new packaging design.

That's Lidl!

Lidl store comes to life through dance in new concept commercial 

Together with Lidl we launched their largest marketing campaign in Sweden ever. The spots feature a Lidl employee preparing a dark store in the early morning. She soon discovers that she can bring the store (and the concept) to life through dance. The music is a rewritten version of the classic Swedish song called "That’s Life", which in the campaign has been rewritten to "That’s Lidl." As the lyrics of the new song promote, the film acts as a tribute to Lidls joy of food and their goal of providing high quality food to low prices for the Swedish people.


Displaying all the internet hate for all the haters to see. 

When SL was about to start the most extensive renovation of Stockholm's public transport since the 60s, we launched Dear Haters. A campaign that responded to existing complaints from SL's social media and informed that it was about to get even worse.

Prepare for sleepless nights

For all people lying awake at night during the 2020 election. 

SOVA is Sweden's leading supplier of quality beds. Their mission is simple: to help everyone sleep better. Jacking into a topic on everybody’s lips, the American election 2020, we used their premium line of bedsheets and pillowcases to create a spitting image of the reason why many of us are lying awake at night. Together with a message to prepare for the coming sleepless nights, SOVA could at least make things a bit more comfortable and hopefully help people sleep a little better.

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