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The Dead Pixels by Google

Winner of the One Show Young Ones Client Pitch 2018
One Show Merit Award 2018
One Show Merit ADC Award 2018

In the USA, if you hurt yourself, chances are that you will be prescribed highly addictive opioids for the pain, which has resulted in a very serious opioid epidemic. The stigma associated with addiction means that people try to hide their habit from their friends and family and isolate themselves. 


Before we visit the doctor many of us turn to Google. Two thirds of the American population visit google at least once a month. Because of this google har a vast amount of valuable data that can help people before they get pills prescribed. 


During the opioid awareness week we will fill googles search page with dead pixels, each one representing a real person who has died from a opioid overdose so far this year. Every 15 minuts a new person dies and a new pixel will appear. For those millions of people googling various minor injuries, flickering pixels, representing all the pain-related google searches being done in real-time, will warn them about the risks of opioids and help them make an informed choice.

Through this initiative, Google will shed light on a problem that can no longer be ignored. For once, those previously meaningless dead pixels, will finally have a purpose. Let’s make them count.

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